What  is Class Chart?

One of the most significant obstacles to effective teaching and learning can be dealing with challenging student behaviour. Class Chart is an easy-to-use seating planner and behaviour management tool that can build and change seating arrangements in as few as two clicks. It also tracks issues and can provide reports on those concerns.

Class Chart make recommendations for seating arrangements based on the data collected to improve student performance. It helps all staff members, from newly qualified teachers to substitute teachers, adopt a proactive approach to student behavior to minimize the amount of work that instructors have to do and remove obstacles to students’ education.

Control the performance of the students.

•Class chart Give your team the authority to handle behavior concerns and increase learning.

• Class chart Keep an eye on any behaviour problems and report them.

• Provide your staff with the resources necessary to report on and monitor the health of your students, as well as put support measures into place.

• Easily and quickly disseminate information to parents, students, and teachers to keep everyone informed of the most recent developments.

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Help out your coworkers.

• The ability to view essential student data will allow teachers to rapidly comprehend their students’ requirements and capabilities.

• Class chart Release classroom time that was previously spent recording disciplinary actions.

• Assigning schoolwork in a speedy and uncomplicated manner.

• Make it possible for students, parents, and instructors to swiftly keep in touch with one another through two-way messaging.

Improve student outcomes

• Assist students in monitoring and reflecting upon their attendance, schoolwork, and overall behaviour.

• Incentivize and engage students by fostering positive behaviour with individualised rewards, which may be tailored to fit their specific needs.

• Allow students to ask questions about their coursework, address concerns about their wellness, and receive the necessary help through one-to-one and two-way messaging.

Parent & pupil applications

Through our Parent and Pupil applications, you may interact with parents and students.

Provide parents with behavior reports that can be tailored to their needs to keep track of how their children are progressing.

Allow pupils to monitor their growth and take stock of their accomplishments and behavior.

Our rewards store is an optional feature that may be fully customised to match the requirements of your school, helping to motivate and engage students.

Please get in touch with the parents and tell them any pertinent details.

Access simple online registers with robust visual analysis while keeping track of attendance easily.

Learners who are not physically present in the classroom can have their morning, afternoon, and lesson registers taken directly into Class Charts easily and quickly.

You can either mark attendance by filling in a blank or doing it individually, giving you more time to spend teaching.

Using graphic whole school attendance report, you can readily identify unauthorised absences and patterns of absences while monitoring attendance across the entire school.

  • Make direct contact with the parents and discuss the attendance difficulties.
  • Remind the teachers of any registers that are missing or incomplete.

In addition to reporting on attendance, you should also report on conduct, wellbeing, accomplishment badges, and more.


Facilitate sharing information with parents, students, and teachers in a quick and straightforward manner.

Make it possible for instructors, parents, and students to maintain communication through two-way texting.

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