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These PowerPoint Night Ideas Will Make Your Online Get-Together A Genuinely Enjoyable Experience

PowerPoint nights are an additional entertaining pastime that may be performed while wearing sweatpants. These nights are hot on TikTok among college buddy groups and sororities that wish to provide additional presentations in addition to the ones they are required to give in class.

If you have many friends, restrict the number of slides so that the presentation is not equal to a three-hour lecture. It works best with a very small buddy group, so there are not twenty presentations. If you already have an established network of acquaintances among your roommates, you can use an HDMI cable or Chromecast to take turns presenting on the screen of your television.

It’s not that tough to devise activities to keep you occupied throughout the evening. Learn creative PowerPoint skills, or use WordArt; nobody will notice either way. And if you’re having difficulties coming up with an attention-grabbing topic for your presentation, don’t worry; we’ve got you covered with some ideas for your PowerPoint night presentation.

1-Your friends dressed as characters from Shrek.

Cast each participant as a distinct monster from a distant realm. I might also remark that this would be an amazing group Halloween costume.

2-The “The Bachelor” contestants ranked based on their likelihood of receiving the final rose.

You may predict the four hometown episodes and the ultimate winner of the current season of The Bachelor (but you may not view spoilers!).

3. A game of trivia for a group of friends

Now is your chance to test the knowledge of everyone in the GC by asking them the most obscure questions possible about themselves. By asking each attendee to submit their questions to the person providing the presentation, it is feasible to cheat.

4. rumors regarding Pete Davidson’s potential future partner

Numerous memes have been circulating portraying Pete with a single Jason Momoa, but in reality, it could be anyone. You are responsible for arguing each possibility.

5. Describe the in-question image.

It may be a lot of fun to comb through prior posts on numerous social media platforms for this one: Grab some random images from very far back in everyone’s Facebook history if anyone still uses Facebook (we’re talking Picnik days here). The following phase requires each group member to explain who, what, where, when, and why a photograph was taken.

A list of the most popular Disney characters. Quite evident given the context. Explain why it is Aladdin.

7. The worst ex-partner of all

So, this one has the potential to become a bit controversial, but it will spark discussion. In addition, you must be intimately connected with your friend group’s past (see the friend trivia PowerPoint first).

8. What each regard to being the most [insert zodiac sign here] act they’ve ever performed

9. celebrities who are exact duplicates of one another

If you’ve seen any film starring Margot Robbie or Samara Weaving, you’ve mistaken the two actors for one another and believed they were the same person. Believe us when we say that the quantity of these counterparts is sufficient for a comprehensive presentation.

10. Songs from best singers that best reflect each person

That is perfectly OK.

11. When we attained our highest point

A case study described the most delightful experience your friend group has shared. You are permitted to utilize Instagram as picture evidence.

12. The language of love is universal

It is not necessary to limit yourself to “quality time” or similar activities; eating chicken nuggets at 3 a.m. is also an option.

13. Adjectives from the adult edition

Forget any school-related commendations or honors you may have gotten (if you were one of those cool people). Give each of your closest friends an adult version of the classic children’s game “superlatives,” such as “most likely to Irish escape a party” or “most likely to grab takeout even after a full trip to Trader Joe’s,” etc.

14. The attire that you wore to high school in Euphoria.

It would help if you enlisted the assistance of a friend with advanced Photoshop skills, but you’re replacing everyone’s stock photos with ones with a Euphoria-inspired aesthetic.

15. Who should apply for the reality show mentioned above?

Who knows whether it will be Joe Millionaire, Project Runway, or Real Housewives; the choices are limitless?

16. What each of these companions was in a prior life

As an illustration, I participated in the Salem witch trials (taking no further questions now). One of your other pals likely had a past life in which they were a badass anti-Civil War activist or were in the crowd at the very first Woodstock.

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