Ramobuchon: Modern and everlasting ramobuchon

A ramobuchon is a cluster of grasses, leaves, flowers, and branches that are knotted together by hand to create a one-of-a-kind decoration for homes and celebrations. Ramobuchons may be found all around the Dominican Republic. “Ramobuchon” is derived from the Spanish words for “branch” and “tiny bouquet,” respectively.

The size of the branches determines the plant’s overall form and dimensions. They comes in a variety of dimensions and configurations. Because of this, it is possible to make every arrangement completely unique. The modern bouquet is a stunningly unique take on a well-known style of flower arrangement.

ramo buchon

RamoBuchon today

The Filipino ramo style has been updated with the ramobuchon bouquet. It has the same parts as a regular ramo, but the way it is held together and the parts it has are different.

Plumeria, red flowers, orange-pink ribbon, and white lace are all traditional parts of a ramobuchon bouquet. Fresh or dried flowers are put in one “bunch” or “ramo” at the bottom of the bouquet in an asymmetrical way.

Then, two more bunches are stacked, and a “buchon” is made with a ribbon (to tie together). Such style of flower arrangement doesn’t focus on perfection, which is different from traditional flower arrangements, which are usually put together in perfect layers that are symmetrical.

Why the name “RamoBuchon”?

“Ramo” is a traditional Filipino flower arrangement in the shape of a basket. Ramo is a flower arrangement that has been around for hundreds of years. It can be held with one hand and is bigger than a nosegay but smaller than a corsage.

The word “bouquet” comes from a French word that means “to pick or gather.” Buchon means “flower and leaf collection for a special event.”

Ramobuchon bouquet” is a name for a bunch of flowers that are often given at weddings and other special events.

How to make a flower arrangement

It is made up of many parts. Interested? Continue

1. Cut each long ribbon lengthwise in half. 2. Total: 20.

2.Wrap one of the lengths around the cylinder and loosely secure it.

3. Tie a second length of string the same way you did the first, but over the other end and leave one end loose.

4. Repeat step 3 until all six lengths are used up and no loose ends remain.

5. In the back, attach a 4 to 6 inch ribbon vertically between the two horizontal ribbons.Finish by tying a double knot so that it hangs like a handle or tail from the bouquet.

6.Untie all the knots and take off any extra ribbons. Now you can enjoy your ramobuchon bouquet!

How is a RamoBuchon bouquet made? What kinds of materials are used?

The parts of a ramobuchon bouquet are chosen based on the preferences of the designer and the setting where it will be used. In a classic bouquet, you’ll often find the following:

Either real or fake flowers,

Plant material, such as baby’s breath and different kinds of greenery

Raffia or another woven vine can be used.

A long grip that helps everything stay in place.

Why Do People Choose RamoBuchon to Play at Weddings?

Because of the use of light materials like cedar and jute, the RamoBuchon bouquet is quite big, but it still has an airy feel. It also comes with a special stand that keeps all of the flowers standing up. This makes it easy to travel without having to worry that something will get broken or crushed. Because it is so big, this bouquet can hold things other than flowers, like lace or ribbon, in addition to the flowers. Because of this, RamoBuchon Bouquet is a great choice and will continue to be one.

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