How to Make a Fishtail Bracelet with  Fingers and Rainbow Loom

Fishtail Bracelet: Bracelets made with the Rainbow Loom and with fingers are all the rage right now. As a beginner, you may wish to start with the simpler fishtail design and work your way up. They appear complicated, but they are actually very straightforward. However, even if you’ve never used a Rainbow Loom before, you can still complete these challenges.

Fishtail Bracelet Step No 1:

  • Take a number of bands according to your measurement. You can measure your wrist if you want to make a bracelet, you can also make a chain for which you need to estimate the number of bands.
  • You can wrap a measuring tape to measure your wrist or you can guess the size of the wrist or band. Approximately, every 2.5 cm (1 inch) takes 8 to 9 bands.
  • Depending on your choice you can make the bracelet getting same, different like rainbow colors scheme or two colors like black and white. The Rainbow color scheme is the most popular one.
  • You can make single-strand fishtail strands or double-strands by simply doubling the number of bands.

Fishtail Bracelet Step No 2:

  • Take your first band, stretch the band and twist the ends to give it the shape of the digit 8.
  • For a single strand you need to twist this band only and if you want to make a double-strand you need to twist the 2nd band as well, which will work as a single band.
Fishtail Bracelet
Fishtail Bracelet Step No 2

Fishtail Bracelet Step No 3:

  • For a single strand after making the figure of digit 8. Take another band, give it the same figure i.e. of digit 8.
  • Take one end of the second band and bring it above the first band and release it in the middle of the first band.
  • Take another end of the second band and bring it above the first band and take it to your little finger as shown in the clip.
  • You can also use two pencils or a rainbow loom instead of your fingers.
Fishtail Bracelet
Fishtail Bracelet Step No 3

Fishtail Bracelet Step No 4.

  • Add the third band at the top of the first band by twisting it the same way i.e. figure 8.
  • Take one end of the first band and bring it above the third band then release it.
  • In the same way take another end of the first band then release it as shown in the clip.
  • The first band will now add up to the chain and we will have the third band twisted on the tips of the fingers.
  • We can add the fourth band now twisted at the top of the 3rd band, this time we will take the ends of the 3rd band above the 4th band and will release it, this way 3rd band will add up to the chain.
  • We will repeat the same process for the number of bands (the last twisted band will be at the top and the band added before will go on to the chain.)
  • Every time while adding new bands, it’s your choice to choose the colors. For example, if you add one band of red you can pick up the next color as orange or yellow.
  • For double strand you can pick the same color band as one.

Fishtail Bracelet Step No 5.

  • Each time while adding bands you should stretch or pull your fingers or pencils to allow maximum space and to make the chain tight.
  • By repeating the process or step 4 you will be able to the length of the bracelet you need it to be.
  • When you get your desired length stretch the bracelet.
  • Keep the last band hooked in your fingers, pull another end of the bracelet and take a clip that comes with the Rainbow loom pack and hook it on one end releasing one finger
  • Slide it from the finger as well and hook the other end with a clip i.e. hooked both ends of the bracelet.
  • If you don’t have a clip you can take a band cut it and attaches both ends as shown in the video clip.


A fishtail bracelet is easy to make even if you don’t have rainbow looms and pencils you can make it using simply your fingers by following these easy steps and by watching the video clips. This is not the only design you can make, there are a lot of designs you can try. You just need to learn the process and try different designs by experiencing different changes.

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