How to Choose a Proper Projector?

Projector has been a popular option for home theater, but it is still strange for some projector beginners. Here is a projector beginner guide for you.


Before choosing a projector, you need to determine the usage scenario first. If you want to choose a projector for golf simulation, then you need to find the best golf simulator projector. If you want to use the projector to watch a movie, then you need to pick the best budget 1080P projector. If you want to find a TV replacement, then you need to pick the best projector to replace TV.


Brightness determines the image quality. If you want to use the projector during the daytime, then you need to pick a projector with high brightness. The higher the lumens, the brighter the image.



The higher resolution, the more pixels in the projection image, and the shaper the projection image. Generally, the common resolution for a home projector is 720P or 1080P. For example, Emotn C1, 720P; Emotn H1, 1080P. Some high-end projector has 4K resolution. For example, Dangbei Mars Pro.



If the projector has a built-in system, then you can access all kinds of streaming apps conveniently without connecting to the projector to a TV stick.

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